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1920's slang flapper flash cards

1920's slang flapper flash cards

by Kate Gabrielle
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Details Learn to speak like a real 1920's flapper with this spiffy collection of flash cards! The words & definitions were taken from real 1920's flapper dictionaries, lists of hip vernacular kept by young girls during the jazz age! Each definition is accompanied by a flapper doodle drawing!

The cards are double sided-- with an illustration & slang term on the front, and the definition and an example sentence on the back. There are 20 cards in each set. These flash cards are for adults- some of the slang terms are about smoking or drinking, so they aren't appropriate for children. Each card will measure 3.5" x 3.5". They print three per page.

This set includes these slang terms: Alibi, Cheaters, Dropping the pilot, Figleaf, Fire Extinguisher, Flour Lover, Giggle Water, Glad Rags, Goofy, Handcuff, Oilcan, Raining Pitchforks, Shutter Tub, Smoke Eater, Spifflicated, Stilts, Urban Set, Vamp, Whangadoodle, Whiskbroom
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