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Curated No. 6 Quick Pages Collection
Curated No. 6 Quick Pages Collection - Commercial Use
Curated No. 4 Quick Pages Collection
Curated No. 4 Quick Pages Collection - Commercial Use
Curated No. 4 & 5 Quick Pages Collection
Curated No. 4 & 5 Quick Pages Collection - Commercial Use
Beautiful paper blooms to add a realistic handcrafted touch to your projects!

A collaboration with Sasha from The Gilded Bee.

24 PNG files.
Paper Garden Embellishments
Watercolor Doilies Paper Collection
Watercolor Doilies Paper Collection
Jewel Toned Butterflies
Jewel Toned Butterflies Embellishments
Clothesline Digital Kit
Clothesline Digital Kit
chalkboard paper collection
Chalkboard Paper Collection
This is a 14-page high-resolution printable PDF filled with lots of fun labels to keep your photos (or anything flat and fragile) safe when mailed!

What's inside this PDF:

- Labels with these different messages:
1. Please Do Not Bend
2. Please Do Not Bend: Photographs Inside
3. Please Do Not Bend: Memories Inside
4. Please Handle With Care
5. Please Handle With Care: Photographs Inside

The "Do Not Bend" labels are perfect for Etsy sellers that offer photograph/prints and mail them in flat mailers, and also great for family/portrait photographers (The "Memories Inside" message would be perfect for you and your clients!) The "Handle with Care" labels are perfect for your larger orders, photo albums, etc., or really any item that you'd like to protect.

I've included generic "Please Do Not Bend" and "Please Handle with Care" versions for those of you that just love vintage cameras! Adhere them to any package that you want to protect while en route. You don't have to be a photographer to enjoy these labels. These would be great with the holidays approaching... protect your gifts!


There are 3 ways that you can print these labels. I've included more detailed instructions in the PDF, but here's the general idea:

1. I've designed these labels so that they work with VHS adhesive label sheets at OnlineLabels.com (product #OL1125). These labels have rounded corners and look really nice! (see photos in this listing) The great thing about using these is that all you have to do is print the file and you're ready. Just peal the labels off and attach to your packages. No cutting required! I use them and LOVE them.

2. If you prefer to not use OnlineLabels.com label sheets, you can buy VHS labels at any office supply store. You just print and peel off your labels. You can also use the standard full sheet adhesive labels at office supply stores. Brands like Avery sell these. Just print your file and then cut out the individual labels by hand. (I've provided crop-marks to make this easier)

3. If you prefer to not buy adhesive labels, you can always print these labels out on a good printer paper and adhere them to your packages using clear packing tape.

THIS PDF HAS A VERY LIMITED COMMERCIAL LICENSE. You can use these labels for what they were intended for, to adhere to your orders/packages. And you can of course use these for personal projects. PLEASE SEE TERMS OF USE IN THE PDF for more information on what you can and can't do with this artwork. Thank-you.
Photos Inside Labels PDF
Everyone one loves Washi Tape!

Included in kit: 9 Washi Tape Frames in Opaque (PNG files) & Transparent Versions (PSD files).

You can easily add your own image/photo to both versions. The Transparent Versions allow you to "clip" your image/photo to a mask (instructions included) which makes it look like your tape frames are actually taped to your image. Very realistic looking!

Use these in your blog posts, digital crafting, paper crafting (these can be printed) and more.

Commercial & Personal Licenses available.

Washi Tape Frames
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